My Story

It all started in 2015, when I became a full-time mum of 2 kids, worked a stressful full-time job, and juggled different hats; being a wife, daughter, cook, and cleaner. My life was always on the go, and sometimes I didn’t even have a moment to myself to stop and breathe.

I somehow became used to life being so chaotic and fast-paced, until my husband fell critically ill during Christmas, spending weeks in hospital and undergoing major surgery, a another one in 2016 and during this time my dad was hit by heart failure, which created a challenging time.

During these challenging times, when everything seemed like it was going wrong, I realised the only way I would get through this was by looking after myself mentally, physically and emotionally.

I did a lot of mindset work, read many books, started exercising and looked after my appearance. I realised that no matter what was happening around me, I had to remain upbeat and positive and not forget about looking after ME.

I realised I had neglected how I looked for so long, didn’t know what ‘self-care’ meant and didn’t even remember the last time I looked in the mirror properly. My hair and skin were in a state. I suffered dull, tired-looking, acne skin, dry, dehydrated, and unhealthy hair with split ends.

Fast forward into 2017, when things got better, I spent months looking for good hair and skin care products for myself. During this time, I realised many products deemed popular by others didn’t seem to work on me or were very highly priced and very low quality.

I realised I cannot find affordable solutions to my problems. I was not able to find mulberry silk pillowcases, eye masks, scrunchies and high quality ayurvedic skin care products all under one roof.

After trying so many brands and being incredibly disappointed, I realised why not create my own hair and skincare…

Having knowledge of Ayurveda ingredients and practices for many years, I started to formulate my own Ayurvedic products at home and searched for the finest silk there ever is.

I then decided to conduct further research with a visit to India and how I could create a natural product from scratch from India’s limitless ritual practices. This sparked the idea for The Silk Glow. I believe that all men and women deserve to have the right glow your hair and skin deserve.

I believe that when you care about how you look, it shows in everything you do. So I wanted to create a place where you can find all the products you need to achieve that silky smooth glow on your hair and skin—all from one place.

With this in mind, I revealed the Silk Glow in 2022 because I feel right now, we truly need one place to buy a combination of silk and ayurvedic products for hair and skin.

At The Silk Glow, I want everyone who visits us to feel like they're part of something special.

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